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Looking for a Commercial Painter? Use This Guide to Find the Right One

Commercial painting encompasses large-scale paint jobs, and the implications of hiring the wrong painter for such jobs can be far-reaching. 

Whether you are looking to give your office, retail store, restaurant, multi-unit apartment complex or other commercial building a fresh new look, it is essential that you hire the right painter.

Here's what to consider to ensure you choose the right commercial painting service for your project. 


As is the case with other trades, commercial painters hone their painting skills through experience. When you are in the market for a commercial painter, make sure you narrow down your choices to experienced ones.

When thinking about prospective candidates' experience, don't just consider the number of years they have been in business. Rather, consider the number of paint jobs they have done that are similar to yours. This way, you can rest easy knowing that they will be able to avoid rookie mistakes, which may compromise the quality of workmanship provided to you.

Licensing and Certification

Painting is a trade that is learned on the job — through apprenticeship. Hence, you might not feel the need to check the licensure and certification of the candidates you are considering hiring for your commercial paint job. But have you thought of the possibility that the painter you hire might do a shoddy job just because they will not be held liable for failure to do the job as promised?

Before committing to hire a painter, ask to see their licence or work certificate to ascertain that they are qualified to do your job.

Service Fee

Like other tradespeople, commercial painters charge for their services. Each individual commercial painter will charge a different price for your job, so it is essential to request quotes from multiple commercial painters before deciding on who to give the job.

When comparing the quotes, don't make a choice based on pricing alone. Instead, focus on finding a commercial painter that will provide the best value for your dollars. In addition to that, hire a commercial painter that provides a billing method that is convenient to you. 

Hiring the right commercial painter for your job will require a little effort and it might take a little time, but it will save you the cost and trouble of having to look for multiple painters to redo the job. With this guide, the process of finding the best painter for your job should be smooth and stress-free.