Painting And Wallpapering: Tips And Techniques

In the Mood for Colour: How Particular Coats of Paint Can Create a Happy Home

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No doubt you will have been sat in a room somewhere at some point in your life, and felt a strong wave of emotion overcome you for no apparent reason. It may have been giddiness, it may have been irritability, or it may have even been a sense of restlessness. What you might not know is that there was probably a reason for these supposedly random bursts of emotion. Psychologists have proven that the colours of the walls of a room have the ability to alter people’s moods and feelings, with particularl shades inciting particular effects....

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Painting – Easy Surface Preparation Tips

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Adequate surface preparation is essential when painting. It determines the resulting quality of work after completing the painting job. You have probably seen a fresh coat of paint develop bubbles or start flaking immediately after drying and all this is due to poor surface preparation. If you want a nice, smooth, professional finish, you should consider the following: Check the current condition of the wall In order for a fresh coat of wet paint to adhere properly to the surface, the surface must be clean. It should be free of dirt, flaking...

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Hello. I am an accidental renovator. Initially, I inherited a rundown worker’s cottage and undertook the task of preparing it for sale myself. After some trial and error, I managed to make it look presentable and was impressed by the sale price. I caught the bug and have since bought and renovated a number of properties. The main way to give a property a facelift is to use the right paint or wallpaper. With ideal colours, textures and contrasts, a room or building can be completely transformed. Using proper techniques and durable products are also important to maintain the value of a property. I see many poorly executed paint and wallpaper jobs when visiting open houses to glean ideas, so I started this blog. Hopefully, you’ll gain tips about painting and wallpapering and pitfalls you should avoid. I hope you find it useful and that your property shines!

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