Painting And Wallpapering: Tips And Techniques

3 Tips For Repairing Cracks Before Painting

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If you are planning on painting the walls in your home, you first need to inspect them and check for holes or cracks. These tips will help you repair the cracks so that you have a smooth paint job by the time you’re done. Clean and Prepare the Surface First Before you start filling cracks or holes in the wall prior to painting, you need to prepare the surface. Begin by making sure the area inside and around the cracks is completely clean. Fingerprints, smudges, oil, and grease can build up on the area, making it more difficult to repair...

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Planning to Paint Your House? Here’s a Full List of What to Consider

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Whether completing your new home, making repairs, or renovating, even an exercise as simple as painting should never be taken lightly. Paintwork plays a huge role in accentuating the right colour themes across your home, waterproofing walls and increasing the value of your home. Before you get your home painted, you should evaluate several important factors first: What necessitated the re-paint in the first place? First, you should always take notes on why you’ve had to repaint your house in the first place. Most paints can last well...

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Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Painter for Any Job Around Your Home

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Painting an interior room or the exterior of your home may seem like a simple job; you only need to clean the surface and then apply a new coat of paint, right? In truth, painting any surface of a home is typically much more complicated than most homeowners realize, and trying to tackle this job on your own can leave you with a poor finish and can even compromise your safety. Note a few reasons why it pays to hire a professional for any painting you need done around your home. 1. Sanding and dust control Interior walls and ceilings need to be...

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Beyond Painter’s Tape: Essential Products You Need For A Professional-Looking Paint Job

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When doing trim work, most people use painter’s tape to separate the areas to be painted from the areas that don’t need to be painted. However, for a perfectly professional looking job, you may want to grab a few additional supplies. Here are the items you should consider integrating into your painting project: 1. Putty knife You can use a putty knife to smooth your painter’s tape down. The closer you get your tape to the wall, the less likely paint is to drip behind it and get into unwanted areas. However, your putty knife...

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In the Mood for Colour: How Particular Coats of Paint Can Create a Happy Home

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No doubt you will have been sat in a room somewhere at some point in your life, and felt a strong wave of emotion overcome you for no apparent reason. It may have been giddiness, it may have been irritability, or it may have even been a sense of restlessness. What you might not know is that there was probably a reason for these supposedly random bursts of emotion. Psychologists have proven that the colours of the walls of a room have the ability to alter people’s moods and feelings, with particularl shades inciting particular effects....

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