Painting And Wallpapering: Tips And Techniques

Two Steps to Take Before Hiring a Commercial Painter to Paint Your Business Premises

If you have decided to hire a commercial painter to repaint your business premises, here are two steps you should take before they arrive to carry out this task.

Make sure you choose the right shade of paint

Having your premises repainted can be quite expensive and may require you to temporarily close down your business operations.

As such, it is very important to make sure that you choose the right shade of paint. If you don't, you will either have to make do with the wrong colour or incur the cost of having the space repainted a second time.

The shade of paint you choose should be in keeping with your business' branding. It does not necessarily have to be exactly the same as one of the colours used in your logo, signage and marketing materials, but it should be within the same colour family.

Additionally, your chosen shade should be one which will help you to create the right type of atmosphere in your business space. For example, if you run a fast food restaurant, you might want to opt for a bright, fun and bold neon colour, which would reflect the fast-paced, energetic atmosphere you want your premises to have.

If you plan to buy your tins of paint online, you should order several sample pots before making your decision, as the paint colours displayed on websites are not always completely accurate.

Rent or purchase an air purifier

Paint has a very pungent scent which can linger for a long time after it has been applied to the walls of a room. Many people find this smell quite overpowering.

Because of this, most business owners who have their premises painted choose to wait a week or so after the work has been completed to re-open their enterprises.

However, keeping your business shut for an extra week will, of course, have a negative impact on your enterprise's profitability.

If you want to ensure that you can get your business back up and running immediately after the commercial painter has finished painting your premises, you may want to either rent or hire a large air purifier and keep it switched on for the duration of the painting process. This piece of equipment will continually clean the air and thus help to keep odours to a minimum.

This, in turn, should allow you to open up your enterprise as soon as the painter leaves.