Painting And Wallpapering: Tips And Techniques

Residential House Painting Is Always Best Left to a Professional

If you're a homeowner, it's good to know what jobs around the house are best left to a professional versus trying to tackle them on your own; calling a pro when needed can ensure your home is always in good repair and looks its best.

Residential house painting is one such job that you shouldn't try to manage yourself; this type of painting is often more detailed and complicated than you may realize, and it's easy to wind up with splotchy paint that doesn't look even or true to its colour. Note why it's good to leave residential house painting to a pro so you know to call one when your home needs a new coat of paint.

Surface of your home's exterior

You need to choose the type of paint and tools you use according to your home's exterior surface; however, you might assume your home has aluminium siding, only to find out that it's actually vinyl, or vice versa. Brick can be especially difficult to paint, as you need special rollers to reach the crevices of the grout between bricks without that paint becoming too thick.

The way you prep your home's surface will also vary according to the surface material; aluminium may need some sanding over rust spots, whereas sanding vinyl might actually damage it. No matter the material, the surface will also need to be cleaned, but using too much pressure with a pressure washer may chip brick and even aluminium. A professional will know how to evaluate the surface and prep it properly.

The right weather 

You may not think that the weather will affect your home's painting, but too much humidity can mean the paint collects moisture and gets runny and thin. Extreme cold might make the paint thick and brittle. Painting in high wind can also mean paint splatters all over your home and lawn. A professional will know if the weather will affect the painting itself and if he or she should reschedule the work.

Appearance of paint

After painting your home on your own, you may be surprised to see that the paint colour doesn't look as expected. This is because the appearance of paint can change based on how much light it's reflecting, and how many coats are applied. To ensure that you get your desired colour of paint for your home, have a residential painter help you pick the best shade, and apply as many coats as needed to keep it looking new.