Painting And Wallpapering: Tips And Techniques

Why It Pays to Hire a Professional Painter for Any Job Around Your Home

Painting an interior room or the exterior of your home may seem like a simple job; you only need to clean the surface and then apply a new coat of paint, right? In truth, painting any surface of a home is typically much more complicated than most homeowners realize, and trying to tackle this job on your own can leave you with a poor finish and can even compromise your safety. Note a few reasons why it pays to hire a professional for any painting you need done around your home.

1. Sanding and dust control

Interior walls and ceilings need to be prepped before they can be painted, and in some cases this can involve actual sanding. If walls or ceilings have cracks or if there are stains that simply won't be cleaned such as from cigarette smoke, sanding can be the best option. Sanding a wall or ceiling without damaging it takes skill, and it's also important that you consider how the dust will be controlled. Even if you cover your furniture and other items, dust can make its way into your home's ducts and settle anywhere around the house. A professional painter will not only know how to safely sand these surfaces but will also have the tools needed to control the dust that this creates.

2. Checking for lead paint

Lead-based paint was, for the most part, phased out of use in the late 1970s, but if your home was built before 1980 then it may still have lead-based paint on the interior walls. If you were to simply cover this with a fresh coat of paint, it may still chip, and this could be dangerous for a child or pet who might ingest paint chips. A professional painter will know how to check for lead-based paints and if they're present in your home, can ensure that they get removed completely before fresh paint is applied.

3. Getting the right recommendations

If you've ever wondered why there are so many choices when it comes to interior and exterior paint, you need to remember that they are made for different surfaces, have varying degrees of durability, and will give you a different appearance when applied. Rather than choosing your paint based on price alone or by what you see from a small sample, it's good to hire a professional who can recommend a type of paint for the interior or exterior surfaces of your home so you get the look you want, and so that the paint jobs lasts as long as possible. For more information, contact a business such as Allure Painting Services.