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Two Situations in Which It's Best to Have Your House Exterior Painted by Professionals

Even though you may feel capable of painting your own house exterior without any help, there are countless situations in which this job should be done by professional painters. Here are a couple of those situations.

Your house is attached to other houses

If your house is semi-detached or is in the middle of a row of terraced properties, then it's best to ensure that you use a painter's services when you decide to get its exterior painted. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, if you do this job yourself, there is a chance that your attempt to paint your own property's exterior might result in the exteriors of the adjacent properties being damaged.

For example, when painting the border area, where your house joins to your neighbour's, you might end up splashing paint onto their walls. If this happens, they might have to use paint removal chemicals to get rid of these splashes and (because this process will also remove their own wall paint) they may then have to repaint the affected areas. In addition to upsetting them, you may be asked to cover any costs they incur as a result of fixing the damage you caused. This is a blunder that a professional painter would never make, as they are experts at neatly painting houses, in a manner that does not lead to airborne paint droplets flying everywhere.

Secondly, the process of painting a house's exterior can be noisy (due to the sound of the clanging scaffolding and the movement of ladders and tins of paint). If you do it yourself and have to work slowly (due to your inexperience), your neighbours, whose properties are close to your own, may gradually lose their patience and complain about this noise. If however, you have the job done by painters who are able to work quickly and carefully and who will do their best to minimise the noise they make, the likelihood of you receiving noise complaints will be far lower.

You have a large, multi-storey home

If you own a large, multi-storey house, then you should get its exterior professionally painted. The reasons for this are as follows: to paint the sections of the wall that are on, for example, the third storey, you will probably need to use scaffolding. This is expensive to rent and needs to be erected and dismantled by a professional (as it's dangerous for untrained people to put up or take down this equipment). By the time you have paid for the rental of the scaffolding and bought the safety equipment you need to wear when using it (such as steel-toed boots and a hard hat) as well as all of your painting supplies, you will probably find that you spend as much as you would have if you had used a painter's services.

Additionally, painting this type of large building is physically exhausting; far more so than painting an average-sized interior room. If you're lacking in physical fitness or have any health issues that could be aggravated by the repetitive and demanding nature of this work (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), you should utilise a painter's services in order to avoid harming yourself.